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I consider the errant arrival of individuals to this blog by way of Google searches like “pygtk error” and “vimperator slow” to be roughly analogous to dolphins being ensnared in a trawler’s net, to be canned along with tuna for the consumption of hungry and dolphin-loving children. Ok, poor analogy. But it sounded funny in […]

My wisdom tooth has stopped giving me grief, and I am pretty happy with myself after successfully writing a tiny script to do something I’ve been meaning to do in a while. I attempted this in Python previously and couldn’t get it to work, which makes Ruby quite impressive to me given I only picked […]

I was a bit surprised to find out that Nautilus is unable to undo its cut/copy/paste actions. It gave me an idea for implementing an undo command in fui. I got a bit bored with hacking fui, probably because my ideas for improving it had dried up. So far, I have added a logging function […]



Today’s incomprehensible post title is brought to you by the excruciating toothache that the author is currently experiencing due to his accursed wisdom tooth breaking out. For the past month the toothache has plagued him by appearing out of nowhere for one or two days and vanishing the day after. The dentist of the author, […]

Finally, exams are over. I can’t say that I have been as focused as I was last year. I guess the novelty of studying psychology has worn off somewhat. In between frantic scribbles of essay questions I managed to learn a lot of Python by hacking fui. It was short enough for me to understand […]

I reckon my favourite feature of WordPress has to be its Blog Stats. I have used Blogger and Livejournal in the past, and I find I prefer WordPress over them. Ok, admittedly, my comparisons are a bit dated but here goes: I didn’t like how Blogger was designed and laid out, and Livejournal seemed to […]

I’ve really liked used the fui program, which I mentioned in a previous entry. I would like to try improving it somehow, though I can’t think of what it needs. It’s written in Python, which isn’t too difficult to understand I suppose, but I am a bit lazy… or can’t be bothered, to read and […]