Today’s incomprehensible post title is brought to you by the excruciating toothache that the author is currently experiencing due to his accursed wisdom tooth breaking out. For the past month the toothache has plagued him by appearing out of nowhere for one or two days and vanishing the day after. The dentist of the author, on his last visit, advised him to see him six months from the date of their appointment, which would make it until February that he will have to suffer sporadic bursts of pain unless he decides to cave in and pay for a visit which may only end up with a prescription for painkillers which the author may obtain without one.

The author has decided to maintain a detached third person perspective to provide a mildly humourous account of his dental troubles. Other than mundane matters of the mouth and jaw, the author has of late expressed an interest in the Ruby programming language. The author would like to express his opinion that the object oriented approach as taken by Ruby is easier to understand than that of Python, given that everything in Ruby has the greatest honour of being an object. To put it another way, the author would like to be shoved off a diving board into a swimming pool rather than voluntarily contemplate its iciness.

Ruby and Python are similar enough languages in their application domain. The author is only learning programming as a hobby. He feels some anxiety at fingering the mighty tome of the Pickaxe Book in his university library. An imaginary scene of two paths in a yellow wood, calling the inspiration of Robert Frost, and the author being required to choose a path to walk, springs to mind. Is there no correct decision? Time is ever so rare on a walk through life.

Before the author descends further into the mad clutches of poetry, he would like to express a degree of impression with _why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby and Shoes, a windowing toolkit by the same author with a sense of humour that has not been killed by years of programming. He has been playing with it for a good portion of the night until the toothache increased to levels of unbearableness and he was forced to sit glumly by, his concentration marred.

Dull aches and pains throw wild fantasies into the author’s mind, of constructing applications grand and clever with toolkits small and simple, but none will likely materialise as he grapples with Not Invented Here Syndrome.

But do not dread too much; tomorrow brings new energy and ideas. The author’s map of the Linux world of programming is in constant revision. Interest peaks and crashes, and another worthy project or task may swing his way.

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