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I’m feeling a little disappointed. I’ve been trying to write a script which requires extracting a gzip archive, using something like tarfile in the Python standard library but in Ruby instead. I first looked at zlib, but this was incapable of easily extracting a bunch of files to a directory. It seems to be more […]

I spent most of yesterday and part of the day before writing a screen scraper for Wikipedia with the Hpricot library. I just wrote it to learn Hpricot, as it seemed an interesting and useful library to know — and now, having completed the script, I am a bit stumped as to how to apply […]

…and so didst the brave knyght of St. Archibald, riding with his pennants of gold, meet his ende on the typ of the lance belonging to that of the nefarious penguin mercenary, for the knyght had spent many an hour recompiling his helmet from scratch in the great forges, to reinforce it against blade and […]