Oh my goodness, this is still alive!


*echoes the title*

Back in the way, like a lot of other people who were just venturing out into the cold exterior of the Internet, I made a Geocities page. I attended to it meticulously like a Zen gardener until one day I blew up and didn’t look at it again. And I was amazed, years later, to discover it was still around.

I am experiencing that same sort of feeling right now, though it’s on a smaller scale!

I note that it has been almost a full year since my last post to this blog. A lot has happened since then. I got fed up with Linux and reinstalled XP. Don’t shoot me; I’d been trying to get wireless working on this laptop for a very long time with no results, and there were a few Windows-only programs I was interested in trying out. Linux is a good idea, it’ll get bigger, but I’d rather stick with XP for now. My family members have enough trouble comprehending how to navigate their way through Windows, and I would like them to be able to use this laptop if required.

(I was going to put “if they need to”, but the ancient rule of “no sentence ending with a preposition” surfaced in mind. I would very much like to exorcise this grammar-daemon that lives in my synapses.)

I made a Wikidot account with the goal of collecting useful information in a central location, but the flexibility of Wikidot was starting to wear on my nerves. You can have a wiki, a blog, a forum, an issue tracker, and lots lots other things. You can modify any of the provided templates as much as you want. Nothing seems to be forbidden; you can even make a little moolah with Google Adsense.

Unfortunately I think their system is a bit too rigorous for my needs; in the end, a simple WordPress blog is best for meeeeee (somebody make a musical out of that), especially one which has such good support for pasting in source code. Wikidot probably has this too, or you can stick it in yourself somewhere; I don’t know. I didn’t check hard enough. I didn’t really feel like making the effort. For me, using Wikidot to host my mostly redundant tidbits was like using a warship to transport a crate of oranges to goodness-knows-whereland.

So I am here again. This time I won’t be so pointless, I swear!


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