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I’ve been satisfying my gaming thirst by indulging in a little Icewind Dale 2.

Yes, it’s not a recent game. I played Baldur’s Gate a few years ago, loved it, and decided to try something similar. As it turned out, they also share the same game engine, along with a number of other RPG games of a similar DnD breed.

Icewind Dale 2

Two half-orcs in Kuldahar, standing next to Iselore

The fundamental difference between Icewind Dale and Baldur’s Gate is that Icewind Dale expects you to create your entire party at the start. Baldur’s Gate only allows you to make one character — which is you — and then you have to find your own party members throughout the game.

I was hoping ID would follow the BG model, but then again, they are supposed to be different games. After playing ID for a while I began to appreciate the fun of creating whatever kind of party you want to face the scenarios in the game. For one thing, the game has to make allowances for different kinds of parties, which means that an NPC could treat you differently according to race, intelligence, charisma, talking skills, etc. Also, I welcomed the far less dangerous traps in Icewind Dale as compared to Baldur’s Gate, where nearly every one towards the end of the game was a one-hit kill. In Icewind Dale they are just annoyances.

Icewind Dale 2

Preparing to fight the Guardian, a very tough boss

‘course, this isn’t really supposed to be a review. I think it’s a bit late for that! The quality of the gameplay has not deteriorated with age. It’s still plenty of fun, unless you choose to concentrate on the quality of graphics in a game at the expense of other factors.

(I got Dragon Age as a Christmas present. I have not tried it yet. Looks awesome!)


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