Bluetooth & Windows 7


I’m in the process of transferring my settings over to the new laptop, which has Windows 7. I use Nokia PC Suite a fair bit, so I installed it today. I encountered my first disappointment with Windows 7 when I wanted to connect my phone to the laptop through Bluetooth.

PC Suite kept scanning for devices but could not find any. The laptop uses Microsoft Bluetooth Stack which was supported by PC Suite. I clicked on the Bluetooth icon and selected “Show Bluetooth Devices” — also nothing. The new laptop could not even find and connect to the old laptop. Even more worrying was the Settings option from the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar not working, and the absence of Bluetooth from the Control Panel.

Frustrated, I Googled for solutions. I came across a forum post with an unexpected answer:

I stumbled upon this thread and while reading i found the solution to my own problem.

Windows xp pro sp2, bluetooth icon not showing up in control panel and im having poor performance with BT devices.

I tried control panel -> administrative tools -> computer management

expand the services and applications(by using the + symbol) then click on “services”

in the list to the right side, find bluetooth support services and double click on that.

Ensure that the service is both set to automatic and started.

Hopefully this helps someone!

best wishes.


WHYYYY?!??!?! This is asinine. When I see the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar, I expect that Bluetooth services are enabled. (I’m not even sure what I’m referring to by ‘service’.) The meagre information provided by the help system in Windows 7 did not mention this at all. I do not know why anyone would want the Bluetooth icon to be visible and not be able to use it.

There’s still no Bluetooth in the control panel, unfortunately. I’m pretty sure it should be there as an option, but whatever. The laptop detects and connects to my phone without issue now.


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