Nokia 6760 Slide: a review


I’ve had this phone for a while now, so I figured I should write a review on it.

The Nokia 6760 Slide isn’t too popular if your only source of information are the reviews on it. See here, here, here and here. My impression is that the reviews are more negative than positive about the phone. What irks me more are people who whether they realize or not, are comparing this lower-end phone to its more expensive cousins. Someone actually suggested to get a N900 instead of this phone… which is as sensible as telling a person to buy a BMW when they want a Hyundai.

The reviews mention most of the things I don’t like about the phone already. Probably its biggest downside is a lack of WiFi. If I knew I would spend so much time on this new phone, I might have considered getting one with WiFi so I can use the internet from my wireless router at home. It limits the phone quite a bit: in the end, it really does boil down to a mobile phone if there’s no internet. I haven’t enabled internet access on my plan yet, but I will want to soon, simply because it’s awesome being able to surf the internet on your mobile. 😀

A point that the reviews haven’t mentioned is that the covers on the USB port and the slot where you put in the power cable to recharge the phone (argh, bad terminology) are difficult to prise open. This is one of the reasons why I really want to connect the phone to the laptop through Bluetooth, so I can avoid having to open the cover every time I want to connect it.

The looseness of the sliding portion of the phone is a concern, because it does feel like it could be ripped off if you tried hard enough.

After using this phone for a while, I turned off the predictive text setting since it was so easy typing in words in full with the QWERTY keyboard. It’s not the same as typing on a keyboard on a desktop or laptop, though, since you use your thumbs to type instead of all your fingers. The keys are too firm for your smaller fingers to press, not to mention it would be very cramped to put both your hands on it.

Nokia 6760 Slide

The main attraction of the 6760 Slide for me is its design and keyboard. I like how it’s asymmetrical due to the groove on its side. The design of other Nokia phones tend to look chunky and pedestrian. (The E-series springs to mind.)

Another point that only becomes apparent with continuous use of the phone is that the keyboard configuration does not interact well with J2ME applications. I downloaded a few games to play, which assume that the keys the phone uses are the number keys. This would be okay on a normal phone, but on the Nokia 6760 Slide, the number keys are accessed by holding down the function keys on the bottom left and pressing the number-marked keys. So, to use these apps you have to hold down the function key while pressing the number keys, otherwise it will recognise the key as an alphabet instead of a number.

I also like the size of the phone. It fits just nicely in my pocket. I don’t know how I would get along with other, larger models. A long time ago, when I had a Nokia 3310, I justified its considerable weight by saying that if it were lighter I would not notice if it dropped out of my pocket. I now know that you don’t need the phone to weigh as much as a brick to notice it dropping out, because the 6760 Slide has fallen out of my pocket a few times and I’ve noticed it. And yes, it is much lighter than the 3310.

Oh dear, it’s getting very late over here. This isn’t much of a review, when I read it back to myself. But I hope it gives someone out there a little more information to help them decide what new phone to buy among the myriad options out there.


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