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…and so didst the brave knyght of St. Archibald, riding with his pennants of gold, meet his ende on the typ of the lance belonging to that of the nefarious penguin mercenary, for the knyght had spent many an hour recompiling his helmet from scratch in the great forges, to reinforce it against blade and […]

I haven’t been paying much attention to the pdf viewer I use until recently, when I have to trawl through a number of lecture notes to study. I used Evince on my desktop, which was all right there, but I converted to epdfview on my laptop since I found Evince to be a burdensome application […]

The latest release of Ubuntu, 8.10, has just come out. The list of new features seems to be quite modest; it’s mostly upgrades to the newest upstream packages and some small tweaks like an encrypted personal folder and guest sessions. I am tempted to try it out, but I don’t need any more upcoming distractions! […]

When I was using Ratpoison, I made regular use of the C-T b function that sends the cursor to the bottom right of the screen, out of view. When I was looking for another window manager to satisfy my masochistic/minimalistic needs, I missed having that feature. After using dwm for a while, I forgot entirely […]

Dwm window manager, with Geany, Pcmanfm and Xterm visible. The gtk theme is called Blackwhite; it should be on The icon theme is called Somatic, which is quite popular on I would find the exact links and post them here but I have been fiddling so much with the image upload/gallery/media gallery/whathaveyou that […]

Some history


I started using Linux in April this year. I’ve forgotten what the original motivation was; boredom, curiosity and Windows XP slowing down nearly to a halt when the antivirus starts its upgrade were the likely major reasons. Like a lot of people nowadays who start using Linux, I decided to try Ubuntu first. It is […]