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I’m looking to make an app for my phone that allows me to record my mood each day and plot the data on a graph. I don’t know Java very well, so I am learning it on the way. I am trying hard not to be impatient; I am tempted to cram as much information […]

I’ve had this phone for a while now, so I figured I should write a review on it. The Nokia 6760 Slide isn’t too popular if your only source of information are the reviews on it. See here, here, here and here. My impression is that the reviews are more negative than positive about the […]

I’m in the process of transferring my settings over to the new laptop, which has Windows 7. I use Nokia PC Suite a fair bit, so I installed it today. I encountered my first disappointment with Windows 7 when I wanted to connect my phone to the laptop through Bluetooth. PC Suite kept scanning for […]

Playing games


I’ve been satisfying my gaming thirst by indulging in a little Icewind Dale 2. Yes, it’s not a recent game. I played Baldur’s Gate a few years ago, loved it, and decided to try something similar. As it turned out, they also share the same game engine, along with a number of other RPG games […]

First off: happy holidays to all. 🙂 Blog Stats is an enticing page to visit when your favourite sites have exhausted their interesting content. Unfortunately, I think it breeds an inappropriate amount of attention to how many people visit a blog. One could spend a lot of time picking out which posts get the most […]

A lot has happened between now and the previous year. My interest in programming died when uni started, though it has been rekindled after buying a new mobile phone. My old Nokia 1100 finally gave up; its battery wavered in status between full and empty despite lengthy sessions of charging. I now have a Nokia […]

*echoes the title* Back in the way, like a lot of other people who were just venturing out into the cold exterior of the Internet, I made a Geocities page. I attended to it meticulously like a Zen gardener until one day I blew up and didn’t look at it again. And I was amazed, […]